As of January 1, 2021, Carla Beekman will be working closely with ROWonAIR® Netherlands. At the end of 2020 this extremely mobile and special "skiff" came her way. Carla is very enthusiastic about the rowing characteristics, the way it slices through the water, the simple logistics and the countless possibilities.

Her goal is to develop an innovative range of tours and trips for experienced rowers. She also wants to interest new target groups for rowing and help them on their way with rowing technique. The versatile and uncomplicated ROWonAIR® is ideally suited for all these plans.

Would you like to start single sculling, go ahead apply at Roeiplezier and be surprised how safe and nice you can learn it with the ROWonAIR® !

Stability and nice rowing with the ROWonAIR®

Would you like to know how mobile the ROWonAIR® is and how easy you built it together look at this video

For more information (in Dutch) visit ROWonAIR®.